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Made in USA, 30 years of experience in aerospace, military, power generation, automotive and petrochemicals

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Expert Thermal Coating Analysis, Hardness Testing,
New Product Development, and Troubleshooting

For customers with a new coating requirement, Nation Coating Systems provides both the coating chemistry and the application specifics that will deliver the properties required.

We have a substantial track record of satisfying the most complex coating challenges for military and industrial applications. Nation Coating Systems' greatest strength is the ability to work collaboratively and effectively with customer contacts from every department and level of expertise, developing and providing solutions that solve problems, whether they involve unusual combinations of mechanical properties, the ability to withstand aggressive chemical environments and temperatures, or special dielectric, barrier or release properties.

The Nation Coating Systems Lab provides expert sample preparation and testing, including:

  • Powder analysis
  • Hardness testing
  • Metallography to determine porosity levels, unmelts, inclusions,
    interface contaminants and adhesion properties
  • Cured film tests, including particle distribution, thickness, surface finish
    and other metrics

We also offer failure analysis. Nation Coating Systems technicians work with customers to establish root causes for coating failures and develop alternatives that provide equal or better coating performances, as well as application protocols that are best suited to the coating and the substrate.

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  High-performance Thermal Spray Solutions for metals, ceramics, composites, and hybrid materials in the Aerospace, Military, Power Generation, Automotive, and Petrochemical Industries



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